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The mystery of the "Unknown"

Often in sessions we talk about the power that the "unknown" has on our it offers so much mystery, possible disappointments, and even opportunities as well as wonderful surprises...

Why is it that we get tangled in the promises of disappointments versus the intrigue of hope?

I wonder this often as I encounter clients with "anxiety" about the "unknown"... with all the possibilities, we tend to entertain the worst case scenarios...

What I wonder is how other cultures besides western culture contend with the "unknown" whether they embrace it or fear it as such...Do they find the "unknown" enriching?

As we go through the years, are we taught by our parents that the "unknown" is something to fear...or do the wise allow the waves of the "unknown" to carry them in a ride that they would never have experienced...Do they anticipate discovery on this ride?

What if we allow "fear" and "anxiety" to blind us when the "unknown" offers experiences, life changing opportunities, exploration, happiness, lessons learned...what then....

What do we do when we are faced looking at a door that has yet to be long do we look at it before we attempt to open it...and what if we decide to walk away...what do we miss out on?

I am not saying that we will live "fearlessly", what I am suggesting is to allow for possibilities, opportunities, and perspective as we are offered mystery on a daily basis...

Living in the present versus the past nor the anticipation of what disappointments the future might bring... allowing one's self to relish in all that surrounds them in that moment and breathing in that "space" that the open door offers...

and learning to embrace the "unknown"

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