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Life leads us to many roads to choose from, the hope is that with the help of a counselors walking besides you, there will be a more clear vision as to what road "fits" you best.

Counseling Together focuses on providing a genuine experience in counseling while allowing you to always be involved in the collaborative therapy process.

My belief is that the person who is seeking counseling has tremendous knowledge and insight about the problems that they are struggling with and we can help access those "knowledges" together.

My counseling method is very UNIQUE and might give you a different perspective that you might have not imagined. Each session is tailored to each client to meet their needs. The client hopefully leaves the session with lots to think about. Each session might offer something new and "unique outcomes" to tired "problems" that have been haunting you for years!

Are you willing to explore an environment that is safe enough to bring all of your preferred ideas to? To have a counselor who not only will help you find your chosen path but will empower you to continue to grow as a person while making the choices that you always wished you could make but never gave yourself permission to?

What would it be like to be fully supported by a counselor without our typical teachings of "fears of judgement"? "or our "fears of societies acceptance?"

Let me show you how we can achieve this together.

Call today for a free consultation:

Jarfa A. Wabs, M.A. LMFT

(949) 357-0333

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