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Jarfa A. Wabs, MA graduated with the highest honors from Pepperdine University with a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy with an emphasis in Clinical Psychology. She also holds her Bachelors degree in Psychology. Mrs. Wabs has extensive experience working with Individuals, Couples, and Families with all different backgrounds both culturally and socioeconomically. She has spent years working at the Pepperdine Community Center helping families and couples in combating difficult issues and has been able to successfully help facilitate conversations with these clients that have been extremely beneficial to them. Her clients have always valued her genuine and caring nature as she relentlessly goes after the problems her clients bring to her attention.

She prides herself in "collaborating" with her clients and encourages an experience that is curious and comfortable as she explores the preferences of each client.

Jarfa also has an extensive business background prior to working in the counseling and psychology field. Even though psychology was always the end goal and a life long passion for Jarfa, she has years of corporate experience in the Business, Banking, Finance, Sales, and Human Resources fields. She spent over 18 years having successful businesses and running several divisions in multimillion dollar corporations. With all of those business experiences, Jarfa realized that she had been offering "conversations with clients" for years and was really enjoying helping people. She realized that what was most important to her in all of her business success, was being in the "business of helping people grow in their experiences and stories", that is where the value was for her then and is still today.

Mrs. Wabs prefers a type of therapy that is grounded in collaborative theories and creates atmospheres that are non-pathology in nature. She finds great value in each client's "stories" and helps the client find their way onto the roads they prefer versus what is chosen for them by others around them. This approach to therapy might seem very different at first, but if given the opportunity, the client will see the value in this perspective. Jarfa enjoys taking time with clients to really understand them by giving the individual a backdrop of contextual scenery which not only honors the person's culture, but their essence of their preferred self. This is the makings of a rich story.

Besides helping people cultivate their curiosity about themselves, Jarfa enjoys writing, poetry, ancient history, the arts, and the smiles of her family members including her husband, daughter, and son. This is not only a passion for Jarfa, but a desire to make a bigger difference in the world one individual and relationship at a time.

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