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It is probably not a coincidence that you have found this site...

Are you or a partner so frustrated with your relationship that even one more day of arguing will not be tolerable... and the thought of breaking up is so overwhelming that you feel "stuck"...

maybe you don't want to be alone or you don't want to start over with someone else... you have no idea what else you can do?... and what about the kids....what will happen to them if things fail?

Well, you aren't alone! I have helped many couples with the support that they need to be able to navigate these difficult times in relationships. Couples and family counseling is one of my many areas of focus. Premarital counseling and marriage counseling can be very effective in starting and saving relationships.

Call me today for a free consultation!

Know that you are not alone... get the support you need, let me help create a place that allows peace, lack of judgement, and genuine care for your well being. 

Therapy can be a difficult and scary process but I believe that with the right team in place, the problems will slowly be defeated in the process.

Individual, Couples, Marriage, and Family Therapy.

*Many Services Offered

Please see our Services page for all of our areas of focus.

Call today for a free consultation:

Jarfa A. Wabs, M.A. LMFT

(949) 357-0333

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